Anonymous: i like best intentions i jam it but if you listen to it compared to other bands in their genre it wasn't very good. and obviously cos of all the taylex stuff they had a lot of buzz and i didn't think the song quality really backed it up. i think they suit the "rockier" sound much more, if you can call it that. and my favourite is come back home which is like country/acoustic ish?? what are the songs you like? 

Yeah, I hated the Taylex period hahaha but I agree!! They aren’t super amazing in my opinion, but I do really like some of their songs. I only have a few of their songs on my phone, but they’re songs I could listen to nonstop. My favorites are Rumor Mill, Exits and Entrances, Better Luck Next Time, Calendar Pages, For The Win, and now, I really love The Best Thing and Manners!!

Anonymous: i thought the same thing when weird kids was release haha like it's honestly one of my favourite 2014 released. it's a solid album apart from 3 or so tracks i don't like. i definitely think this is the album they should have been touring instead of best intentions to back up all the buzz around them (and tay haha ) 

haha yeah!! i downloaded that album yesterday and I’ve been listening to The Best Thing nonstop today hahaha but there’s only a few songs that i like from this album. i actually like the majority of the songs from best intentions!! 

so i think i’m starting to like watic?????

Angel Wing Heart